Case Study
Divisional Assessment:
Global Fortune 500 Media and Entertainment Company

Organizational Effectiveness


The CIS Climate Survey is a proprietary, patent-pending instrument designed by our group to measure core aspects of organizational function. It allows new and incumbent CEOs and members of the senior management team to obtain a rapid, comprehensive view of the “health” of the organization and prioritize mission-critical human capital initiatives and investments.

Our methodology allows senior decision-makers to obtain unbiased, unfiltered, reliable data on leader and team performance and productivity, and provides critical input enabling development of near- and long-term talent management strategies.

The survey can be used to assess a single division or an entire organization, create performance metrics against critical organizational competencies, and track progress over time.

The instrument itself assesses four core dimensions of organizational function:


Using state-of-the-art scientific and statistical procedures, we integrate data across functional dimensions, and identify high- and low-performing teams. We can then drill down and specify the root causes of the weakness and create highly customized action plans to address the problem(s).