Executive Assessment and Recruitment

Accurate assessment of the management potential of senior executives is critical in making informed decisions in individual hiring situations, restructuring and reorganization efforts, and acquisitions and mergers. Without the right people in the right boxes, it is extremely difficult to reach your business objectives.

We have developed a sophisticated testing protocol designed to provide information on a targeted list of critical management competencies and assess the fit between the person and the organization.

This intensive one-day process utilizes a multi-method approach involving self-report measures, structured interviews, and simulations (if appropriate) to examine executive management skills, a broad range of personality attributes, intellectual ability, and problem-solving capacity.

We first work with the senior management team to build competency models for the position.

Semi-structured interviews are then used to measure leadership ability, decision-making, communication skills, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, conflict resolution, teambuilding, and project management skills. Ability-based tests examine attributes such as general intelligence, analytic thinking and problem-solving. Finally, standardized and well-validated personality inventories assess personal adjustment, achievement motivation, self-discipline, conscientiousness, etc.

Data are integrated and compared with a competency model developed for the position/company. The results are then summarized in a succinct and focused written report and recommendations are made describing the applicant’s fit with regard to the position and the culture.